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Common UPVC Door and Window Lock Problems, Local Lock Dr, #locksmithsheffield

Updated: Jan 17

There are a many reasons for your uPVC doors or windows to start playing up. They are the most commonly used in residential properties and constant use eventually takes it toll. Most problem you come across will require the assistance of a locksmith, but as the homeowner you can diagnose the problem. Here are a few of the most common problems you may come across when you have uPVC windows and doors.

UPVC Window and Door Problems

Stiff Handle/Door Not Locking Properly – There is a variety of reasons why your uPVC door or window may not be locking correctly, if the key won’t turn fully and the handle is a bit stiff then it is likely the window or door is out of alignment, this mean the bolts can’t fully throw into the locking position. Misalignment can be caused in a number of ways, repeated slamming, hanging on the door, swelling and contracting of the uPVC in hot and cold temperatures and general wear and tear. To resolve this problem the hinges will need to be adjusted so the window or door re-aligns with the frame. Once this is done the key should turn fully and lock with no difficulty.

UPVC Door Will Only Lock from One Side – If your door will only lock from one side and the key will not turn in the other then chances are you need a new lock barrel. If you are unable to remove your key when you have lifted the handle and turned the key to lock, then the central cam of the lock cylinder is probably slipping out of alignment. This tends to be caused by worn keys and lock components due to constant use. To remedy this issue, you will need the assistance of a local locksmith to replace the cylinder to ensure the correct size is used and the cylinder is fitted correctly.

Handle Spins All the Way Round Not Opening the Door – This usually happens if you ignore the first sign of a problem when the handle gets stiff and you don’t have your door adjusted. The prolonged forcing of the handle takes its toll and the internal parts are put under so much strain they eventually break. Chances are you have broken the spindle inside the lock back box and this will require a new back box or a new locking unit entirely dependent on the type of multipoint lock fitted. You will need to contact your local locksmith to open the door and fit the new locks.

Lock Cylinders – The locks fitted to uPVC doors by the manufacturer may not always be the best when it comes to home security meaning they may not meet the requirements to satisfy insurance companies. Lock snapping and lock bumping are increasing common methods used by burglars to gain entry to your property and unfortunately the standard locks supplied with uPVC doors are prone to these methods. So, the best thing to do when you buy a new uPVC door is to get a locksmith to come and change the locks to more secure anti-snap locks that comply with insurance regulations. Not only could you save money on your home insurance, but you can sleep safe knowing your home is more secure. A good local locksmith will be able to advise you on the best anti-snap locks to suit your needs and your budget, as well as supply and fit the locks.

Broken Key in Window or Door Lock – This is a common problem for all key – entry locks. It is caused by wear and tear on old and frequently used keys. To avoid this problem, you should get in touch with a locksmith as soon as the lock stars to jam to avoid forcefully Turing the key. However, if its too late for prevention then contact a local locksmith to extract the broken key and take necessary steps to prevent future problems.

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