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When to Change Front Door Locks

Updated: Feb 24

Your front door is your first line of defence against potential burglars, so it is important to make sure your locks are up to scratch and as secure as they can be. So, if your lock is suffering from wear and tear, been compromised or just needs upgrading it is important to do so with some urgency. We have put together a few tell tail signs you might me ready for your locks changed or upgraded.

5 Reasons to Replace Door Locks

Wear and Tear – Over time constant use of locks causes them to wear, leading to weakness in the locks that leaves them vulnerable to breakage and lock picking, making your home less secure. If you can see obvious signs of damage to your locks such as rust and wear, then its time to consider a lock upgrade.

Lost or Stolen Keys – This is one of the main reasons that people require the services of a locksmith. If your door keys have been lost or stolen then its not just getting back into your property you need to think about, it is just as important to have your locks changed as you don’t know who might have your keys and the last thing you want is a burglar simply letting themselves into your home with your keys!

Someone Has Moved Out – whether it is a tenant, ex-partner, roommate of family member that has recently moved out it is always advised they you have your locks replaced. This is because there is no way of you knowing who might have been given a spare key, how many copies were made and given out, so to reduce your chance of a break in have the locks changed as soon as possible.

Moved House – Similar to the reasoning behind changing your locks when someone has moved out the same applies when you move home, you cant be sure of how many copies of the keys were made and given out so its always best to have them changed to be on the safe side.

Recent Break-In – If you have fallen victim to a break in then it is very important that you get your locks changed as soon as possible. This is because it is likely that your locks have been damaged in the break in and this will leave your home vulnerable to other burglary’s. And it could be possible that a spare key was used or found in the break in, so replacing your locks can prevent future break-ins.

If you need your locks upgrading, replacing or you have been victim to a burglary then contact Local Lock Dr today on - 07542422346 for a free no obligation quotation or even if you just need some advice.

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